Wednesday, November 26, 2014

QAYG - Pillow Cover

I have finally finished my newest pillow cover!!

After purchasing Jera Brandvig's, 'Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern', for my numerous quilting projects *and* reading it all the way through the day I got it..... I felt the urge to do a quick little project.

{Got my supplies and am ready to create!}

Even though I have already tried a few of her tutorials on Moda Bake Shop, there was a bunch of new things I learned in her book. 
Thankfully, she had a pillow cover project in there. Short and sweet, before I tackle the big stuff.

{Front and back of pillow cover top.}

I used a different layout than her pillow cover in the book, but how the star was pieced together with the QAYG technique is in the book as well.

{Front and back pieces sewn together. You can see the piece-by-piece quilting done on each square.}

It was a lot of fun to try something new and I can't wait to use this for all my quilting needs. The technique is extremely helpful for the limited amount of space, not to mention, the limited amount of time I have in a day. 

Get your own 'Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern' book from Jera Brandvig today!!
For a *signed* copy from her Etsy shop, click HERE

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Kids Craft

While going through my fall tote, I found some kid activities that I got on *super* clearance last year from Michaels.

I like getting things when they are ridiculously cheap...... I mean, who doesn't??

So, when a chilly day occurred with construction workers digging up the road, leaving us no way to leave, I decided to put these fall harvest foam stickers to use with the kids.

Using white card stock paper, markers/crayons, the foam stickers and a little imagination, we started creating little scenes.

{I love that they love being creative <3}

After much deliberation and story telling, we finally finished our scenes and put them on display on the back door.
** Pardon the poor pictures :/ **

Big C's amazing creation!!
He said they are having a picnic and it is sun raining!! It does that often here.... the raining bit.

Little C's beautiful creation:

And, of course, Mom had to join in on the fun!!

This is a great project for any day and any season. We had fun telling stories about what our characters were doing and what our drawings were going to be. Great for the imagination!!

Try it out this weekend before Thanksgiving, or get some Christmas themed ones....I spotted them in the store yesterday during a yarn run!  :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Turned Sun Catcher!!

If you are a Facebook follower, you will know that we went on a scavenger hunt the other day!

You can find the list we used from From Chalkboards To Strollers here!

We had *SO* much fun running around the front and back yard trying to find everything.
As you can see, Little C is having more fun coloring her list :)

Pumpkin, our friendliest chicken, even joined in on the fun!

The hunt is complete:

The day after our scavenger hunt, we used all our pretty fall findings and made sun catchers with them!

Our supplies consisted of:
  • Scavenger hunt findings
  • Paper plates
  • Markers (or whatever you wish to color your plates with)
  • Scissors 
  • Laminate
I had the kids color the outside ring of their paper plates......


Once they were finished coloring, I cut out the center of the paper plates and two pieces of laminate for each plate.
The first piece of laminate I placed on the front with the sticky side facing the back of the plate.
 (You can do this either way, just make sure the front of your foliage is facing the front of your sun catcher!)

Next, we started placing our flowers, leaves and grass on the sticky part of the laminate, making sure everything was face down.
When you have filled your sun catcher up with the desired amount of foliage, put the second piece of laminate on the back side; keeping everything in place.

Finally, put them on display!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Listing: Hippo Hooded Towel

I may have been away for a little while....
The computer was down (time for a new one!!)....... Then my baby boy turned 5!!
.......insert my tears.... and, of course, Halloween!!
But, to make it all up, I have come back with a new listing for the shop!!

The Hippo Hooded Towel!!
Get yours here in the Ambrosia's Creations Etsy shop today!!

Inspired by Repeat Crafter Me's crochet hippo hat, I created this hippo hooded towel for my daughter by sketching out a similar snout and teeth to Sarah's crochet version.
 (Get the FREE crochet pattern from Repeat Crafter Me here!!!)

My first sketches turned out much too big, but the second attempt was perfect!

I am quite pleased with how the final results turned out. Must have been all the practice with the turtle towels :)

I am searching for the perfect blue and hope to add a blue hippo soon!
Then ladybugs, butterflies, frogs, ......... 

Until then, here is my big 5 year old and his little sister at The Great Wolf Lodge for some birthday celebration!!  

Hope everyone is having a creative Sunday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ocean Waves Chevron Afghan - Pattern Details

The creation of this blanket came to mind when my neighbor was diagnosed with breast cancer. Their entire family have always been so nice to ours, so I felt like doing what I knew best..... creating something especially for her.

Her daughter told me that her favorite colors were blues and greens. I immediately thought of the ocean, even though it doesn't really seem ocean-esque, and went in search of a color palette and a chevron pattern that I saved in my Ravelry library a while back.

The pattern I used was Sunglasses Required by Jacqui Walker. I like how quickly the piece worked up with the color changes and my neighbor raved about the close stitches.

Most of the yarn I used was Michaels Loops & Threads Impeccable with one skein of Caron United and Vanna's Choice.
You will need 1 (one) skein of each colored yarn and 2 (two) skeins of white. I got the jumbo sized skein in white using the 50% off coupon and have LOTS leftover!


For my piece, I increased the starting chain just enough to make it more of a lap-ghan.

I continued with the pattern as originally written but created a different color scheme/pattern.

This blanket goes as follows:

Starting with the MC - 10 rows
 A through H - 4 rows each
MC - 8 rows
A through H - 4 rows each
MC - 8 rows
A through H - 4 rows each
MC - 10 rows

To finish the piece, instead of fastening off after my last row, I evenly hdc around the entire blanket, joining to the first hdc, fo, weave in ends

There it is! All wrapped up and ready to go! She's had it for a couple of weeks now and tells me she snuggles up to it every morning.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hooded Towels Are Here!!

In case you've missed it, the turtles are here!!!

After changing the design a few times, we are finally here and they are for sale in the etsy shop right now!!

Get all four turtles HERE!
For a single turtle, click HERE!
For a two-pack, click HERE!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Round Up:: National Dog Day Crafts & Activities

It's National Dog Day!!!! 
Do you have a furry doggy friend?? We have two!!

Maggie May

We adopted her from the Humane Society at 1.5 years old. She has been with us for almost 7 years now and has always loved one thing...... SLEEPING!! Her biggest 'pet' peeve is if you trim her bangs and she loves and good massage in the bath.


This sweet girl was left in a friends driveway with her two brothers by some stranger. She has been with us for almost 3 years. LOVES to play catch and snuggle. Her new best friend is Edwyn, a kitten we recently rescued from the same friend we got LouAnn from.
Now that I have shared our two furry friends with you, let's get to this round up!!
I tried making this post friendly for all types of crafters, enjoy!

1. Recycled T-Shirt - Dogs Tugga Toy from craftbits: Great way to up-cycle those old t-shirts AND get a super awesome toy that your dog would love!

2. The Lady Who Lunches Dog Sweater from Lion Brand: Here is a crochet pattern that I have *loved* since the day I saw it! I know a small female dog that would look too cute in it!

3. I - Matey Dog Coat from Yarnspirations: You can't lose with this knitted skull sweater! It could even be used for a Halloween costume. (Stay tuned for that round up closer to the holiday!!)

4. Crochet Puppy Dog Lovey Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me: Sarah, the genius behind Repeat Crafter Me, has the cutest ideas that I share often. This puppy dog lovey is just one of *many* creative things she comes up with. (She even has some puppy hats....look here!!)

5. Blooming Dog Crochet Costume from Red Heart: I know I should save the costumes for Halloween, but this is too hilarious and cute NOT to share, so enjoy! :)

6. Easiest Dog Up-Cycled Dog Collar Ever by Sew Doggy Style: The name speaks for itself!! If your dog isn't the sweater type, maybe they like collars or bow ties! I am a new follower of the Sew Doggy Style site and love what she does. You should swing by and check her out!


7. Footprint Puppy Dog Craft from Crafty Morning: I adore kid arts & crafts that involves their little hands, feet, fingers and toes. Those are the ones that come with a requirement to keep forever!

8. Paper Bag Animal Puppets from 86 Lemons: This is originally a Martha Stewart craft with no template to be found, but thanks to Livvy, there is one for the puppy and the pig! Wouldn't it be fun to do a whole barnyard?! 

9. Dog From Hearts Papercraft (Template) from Grade ONEderful: I renamed this because I plan on using the template to practice tracing & cutting; plus, using a construction paper background to create a story, instead of another paper bag puppet. The great thing about templates, is that the options are endless.

Last, but not least...... are you ready to become the coolest parent in the history of parents??...........

10. How To - Balloon Dog from Parents Magazine: If you already know how to do this, don't spoil my fun! I don't have any balloons, but this is a pretty cool reference for in the future. Great idea for a Carnival themed party too!!

Happy National Dog Day, everyone!!!

We are off to make some puppy crafts!

P.S. Don't forget to share some love for our furry friends in need. Check your local shelters for what they need most; handmade items are great donations.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Crochet Free Pattern Round-Up ~ Fall Sweaters

Cooler weather is just around the corner, which means it is about time to get started on those sweaters!!

Here are my 5 favorites that I picked while I was browsing:

1.Penny Arcade by Yarnspirations: An Intermediate pattern in sizes S - 3XL. Open worked and over-sized, this piece is sure to be a hit this fall season! If made with a nice wool fiber, it's guaranteed to keep you warm, even with all the giant holes.

2. Country Rose by DROPS Design: Pattern available in sizes S - 2XL. Even though I may have found this pattern in the Summer section, I think it would be great for Fall too! Simple, yet elegant.

3. Lace Sweater from DROPS Design: Pattern available in sizes XS - 2XL. I *LOVE* the classic look of this sweater. The ruffle around the bust and single bit of accent color for the trim is what I love the most. This pattern has options for a stripe look or solid, like the one shown.

4. Drapey Cardigan from Red Heart: An easy pattern in sizes S - 3XL. This drapey cardigan with three-quarter length sleeves is just right for the Summer to Fall transition. Make it in your favorite color or a neutral tone so it can go with multiple outfits.

5. Cowl Neck Sweater from Lion Brand: Another easy pattern in sizes XS - 2XL. What isn't there to love about this one?? It looks extra comfy and has a cowl! The pattern is labeled as easy and would be perfect for someone who it attempting a garment for the first time.


6. V-Topper from Yarnspirations: Intermediate pattern in sizes S - 3XL. V-neck, slightly snug, extra drapey arms AND a hood....... yeah...... I'm sold!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all around!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have already started the Rapunzel sweater, and that one is turning in to a 'rip the stitches' scenario. Makes me sad..... but the V-Topper has me excited to try again!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Finished Project Friday!!

Such an unfaithful blogger I have been...... I would like to blame it on the addition of social media. More status updating than blog posting.
Don't forget, we are on Facebook AND Twitter now!!

I'll take my long absence from blogging to share all the projects that I have been working on lately!!

Hooded towels have been a BIG hit this summer around here. This is what I have done so far:

Butterfly for Little Miss

Olaf for a friend!!

We have an Angry Bird and a Lady Bug in the works!!
You find these free patterns and other great characters over at Crazy Little Projects!!

Next, I have my pinwheel blocks made from Moda Bake Shops Folklore charm pack.

I was able to make 10 - 8" x 8" squares for a small lapghan.

Finally, some clothing pieces that I have been working on forever!!! The Keila top makes me nervous because of the fabric that I am using, but I am determined to make it happen. I mean, I *am* at the point of no return on it.

The yoke and the main piece are all finished. I just need to attach them together. Wish me luck!!!

I also made a shirt for Little Miss as request by her Auntie if that wasn't obvious :)

No screen printing here folks!! That's all freezer paper and exacto knife. Yes, I cut all those letters out, by hand, with a teeny tiny blade...... Not perfect, but way cute.

Last, and definitely not least, MY DESK!!!!!!

I added a stencil on each corner with some darker stain and now all it needs is its finish coat and to be hung on the wall!! I am SO SO SO excited for this to be finished and hope it adds some organization to my chaotic office that is spread through-out the dining room!

~*~ Hope everyone has a creative weekend!! ~*~

Friday, July 11, 2014

My First Craftsy Purchase!!

If you've never heard of Craftsy, you *need* to head over there now!!!

A couple of weeks ago, they had this really great sale that I saw advertised through Moogly (great crochet there, check her out too!!), and I decided to create an order with all different types of yarn that I have been dying to try!!
Not only are their sale prices great, but their regular prices aren't that bad either. I have already decided that this will be the place to get my imported yarns and special fabrics that I can't find at my usual places.

Let's start with the yarn:

First up, Cascade Sherub DK Yarn: They don't lie when they say this yarn is soft! It's definitely snuggle worthy. Last I checked, this yarn is still on sale for a great price! Crazy thing, they are a local company for me, in Seattle; yet, I can't find this yarn anywhere!!! Gah! Small stores perhaps? I may need to take a trip up North.....

Next, Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering Yarn: I have purchased different brands of wool yarn before and I have to say, I enjoy the feel of Brown Sheep the most. Since I only purchased one ball, I will most likely make some finger-less gloves for winter.

Schachenmayr Micro Grande: This yarn is 100% acrylic and is noted for being great to make accessories with its silky feel. Maybe a little cardigan for Miss Cayley?
Schachenmayr Catania Yarn: 100% cotton yarn with added sheen. I may combine it with the Micro Grande to create the cardigan.
Both of these yarns are made in Hungary.

Finally, we have Filatura Di Crosa Nirvana Yarn: Quite a few things made me pick this yarn. First, being made in Italy and me being part Italian. Second, it's named Nirvana. Seattle = Nirvana, you know?? Lastly, it's wool and lace weight. Perfect for my very own personal cowl!! The texture reminds of some vintage embroidery wool that I found at an estate sale a couple of years ago. I can't wait to find the perfect pattern for this lovely bit of fiber.

Don't forget the fabric!!!!

I'll just post the pictures, because they speak for themselves. I can't wait to see what I can make with this.... pillow cover, scrappy-esque throw, grab some matching solids and make a full quilt..... I'll let you know when I find out :)

Do you have a favorite place to purchase yarn and fabric from?? I am hoping to check out a few local shops this summer!!

~*~ Happy Friday Everyone!!! ~*~

Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Review - Fabric, Yarn & Fun

There have been many things going on here, let me tell you. Mostly ideas being gathered and then scattered, but it all leads to something in the end, right??

Let's start with my first Etsy purchase, vintage sheet fat quarters!!!!

Midwest Vintage Co. has a great collection of vintage fabrics and her latest shop announcement is that she is selling her stash, so get them while you can!!
I picked the floral fat quarter bundle and a random fat quarter bundle.

Love them all!! They have inspired me to keep an eye out for vintage sheets on my estate sale adventures!

If you were following on Facebook, you know I set the pattern increase aside for the Pineapple Market Bag to work on what I call, 'Nana's Hug'. I have finally finished all 55 squares and 11 triangles!!

Please excuse the horrible picture. Getting antique white on white is quite tricky!

Moving on to weaving in those pesky ends, sewing the piece together and then adding an edging.

You can find the original pattern for this piece here!

Finally, I took advantage of the Independence Day sale at Jo-Ann's and snagged myself some fabric and way more yarn than I planned; only because it was on amazing clearance. 
(Oh, clearance.....why you always get me in so much trouble? Hmmm?)


Let's not forget some holiday fun!

Hope everyone had a creative and festive weekend!!!