Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Turned Sun Catcher!!

If you are a Facebook follower, you will know that we went on a scavenger hunt the other day!

You can find the list we used from From Chalkboards To Strollers here!

We had *SO* much fun running around the front and back yard trying to find everything.
As you can see, Little C is having more fun coloring her list :)

Pumpkin, our friendliest chicken, even joined in on the fun!

The hunt is complete:

The day after our scavenger hunt, we used all our pretty fall findings and made sun catchers with them!

Our supplies consisted of:
  • Scavenger hunt findings
  • Paper plates
  • Markers (or whatever you wish to color your plates with)
  • Scissors 
  • Laminate
I had the kids color the outside ring of their paper plates......


Once they were finished coloring, I cut out the center of the paper plates and two pieces of laminate for each plate.
The first piece of laminate I placed on the front with the sticky side facing the back of the plate.
 (You can do this either way, just make sure the front of your foliage is facing the front of your sun catcher!)

Next, we started placing our flowers, leaves and grass on the sticky part of the laminate, making sure everything was face down.
When you have filled your sun catcher up with the desired amount of foliage, put the second piece of laminate on the back side; keeping everything in place.

Finally, put them on display!!

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