Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Kids Craft

While going through my fall tote, I found some kid activities that I got on *super* clearance last year from Michaels.

I like getting things when they are ridiculously cheap...... I mean, who doesn't??

So, when a chilly day occurred with construction workers digging up the road, leaving us no way to leave, I decided to put these fall harvest foam stickers to use with the kids.

Using white card stock paper, markers/crayons, the foam stickers and a little imagination, we started creating little scenes.

{I love that they love being creative <3}

After much deliberation and story telling, we finally finished our scenes and put them on display on the back door.
** Pardon the poor pictures :/ **

Big C's amazing creation!!
He said they are having a picnic and it is sun raining!! It does that often here.... the raining bit.

Little C's beautiful creation:

And, of course, Mom had to join in on the fun!!

This is a great project for any day and any season. We had fun telling stories about what our characters were doing and what our drawings were going to be. Great for the imagination!!

Try it out this weekend before Thanksgiving, or get some Christmas themed ones....I spotted them in the store yesterday during a yarn run!  :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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