Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Round Up:: National Dog Day Crafts & Activities

It's National Dog Day!!!! 
Do you have a furry doggy friend?? We have two!!

Maggie May

We adopted her from the Humane Society at 1.5 years old. She has been with us for almost 7 years now and has always loved one thing...... SLEEPING!! Her biggest 'pet' peeve is if you trim her bangs and she loves and good massage in the bath.


This sweet girl was left in a friends driveway with her two brothers by some stranger. She has been with us for almost 3 years. LOVES to play catch and snuggle. Her new best friend is Edwyn, a kitten we recently rescued from the same friend we got LouAnn from.
Now that I have shared our two furry friends with you, let's get to this round up!!
I tried making this post friendly for all types of crafters, enjoy!

1. Recycled T-Shirt - Dogs Tugga Toy from craftbits: Great way to up-cycle those old t-shirts AND get a super awesome toy that your dog would love!

2. The Lady Who Lunches Dog Sweater from Lion Brand: Here is a crochet pattern that I have *loved* since the day I saw it! I know a small female dog that would look too cute in it!

3. I - Matey Dog Coat from Yarnspirations: You can't lose with this knitted skull sweater! It could even be used for a Halloween costume. (Stay tuned for that round up closer to the holiday!!)

4. Crochet Puppy Dog Lovey Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me: Sarah, the genius behind Repeat Crafter Me, has the cutest ideas that I share often. This puppy dog lovey is just one of *many* creative things she comes up with. (She even has some puppy hats....look here!!)

5. Blooming Dog Crochet Costume from Red Heart: I know I should save the costumes for Halloween, but this is too hilarious and cute NOT to share, so enjoy! :)

6. Easiest Dog Up-Cycled Dog Collar Ever by Sew Doggy Style: The name speaks for itself!! If your dog isn't the sweater type, maybe they like collars or bow ties! I am a new follower of the Sew Doggy Style site and love what she does. You should swing by and check her out!


7. Footprint Puppy Dog Craft from Crafty Morning: I adore kid arts & crafts that involves their little hands, feet, fingers and toes. Those are the ones that come with a requirement to keep forever!

8. Paper Bag Animal Puppets from 86 Lemons: This is originally a Martha Stewart craft with no template to be found, but thanks to Livvy, there is one for the puppy and the pig! Wouldn't it be fun to do a whole barnyard?! 

9. Dog From Hearts Papercraft (Template) from Grade ONEderful: I renamed this because I plan on using the template to practice tracing & cutting; plus, using a construction paper background to create a story, instead of another paper bag puppet. The great thing about templates, is that the options are endless.

Last, but not least...... are you ready to become the coolest parent in the history of parents??...........

10. How To - Balloon Dog from Parents Magazine: If you already know how to do this, don't spoil my fun! I don't have any balloons, but this is a pretty cool reference for in the future. Great idea for a Carnival themed party too!!

Happy National Dog Day, everyone!!!

We are off to make some puppy crafts!

P.S. Don't forget to share some love for our furry friends in need. Check your local shelters for what they need most; handmade items are great donations.

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