Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mario Themed Crochet Pixel Blanket - Part 2

We are finally reaching an end to the Mario Pixel Blanket!!
I have finished almost all of the squares and began weaving in those pesky ends.....
Big C mentioned last night how I should probably be working on this blanket, but I don't think he realizes that that is *A LOT* of ends to weave in!!


While I am off spending eternity weaving in ends, you can enjoy what the squares will eventually look like.... isn't it exciting seeing the pieces starting to come together?!
I can't wait to get this blanket finished! Not only because it is giant and extremely time consuming, but because this little boy just loves his Mario!
If thousands of tiny squares isn't your thing, Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me has this *GREAT* tutorial on using a continuous bobble stitch instead of squares to create the same pixel effect.
Check it out HERE!
Can't wait to try that method out for the Bowser blanket :)