Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hello! My Name Is.....

~*~ Lucille ~*~

Breed: Ameraucana (Silver Bantam)
I picked this pretty little lady because she was standing so tall and eyeing me at the store. Something about her said, "pick me"!! 
When I got her home, I noticed she already had some personal hygiene issues and she needed a nice little butt scrub. I think she appreciated it because she's been one fiesty chick ever since. She does love a good ear pet, though.
For her breed, Ameraucana, she will be my only blue egg layer. She is also considered to be the more aggressive of the breeds I got, so that explains her pestering the others.

~*~ Gladys ~*~

Breed: Red Sex Link

With Gladys, I am slightly confused on which breed she really is. She expresses traits of a Buff Orpington, but she was picked from the Red Sex Link bin. I think I will be able to tell more when she is older. She will be a large, brown egg layer and have a sweet personality. I, personally, think she already shows her sweet side. She is very shy and is always snuggling with Pearl.

~*~ Delilah ~*~

Breed: Black Sex Link

Hey there, Delilah! We have two black dogs already, so why not a black hen? She loves being snuggled and cupped in your hand. Falls right to sleep! Fits right in with her friendly and affectionate personality that Black Sex Links are known for. Unfortunately, they are also known for being very vocal, especially when laying eggs. Which, apparently she will be egg-cellent at! I *knew* chickens were a great idea to get back at my noisy neighbor legally ;)

~*~ Pearl ~*~

Breed: Buff Orpington

Last, but far from least, we have Pearl. Formally known as "Nana", since Nana picked her, she is considered a "dual purpose" breed. Great for eggs and meat!! Not sure I want to think about the meat aspect of this adventure quite yet, but good to know. Pearl is known for being another egg-cellent layer of medium to large, light brown eggs. She is also known for being the very first escape artist! With her cries of separation being heard at 4:30 am, I came to her rescue and put her back in her temporary home. Being a Buff Orpington, she gets picked on a lot, mostly by Lucille, and Gladys tends to comfort her. She is super jumpy now, but with time, should be extremely calm and friendly.

So, there you have it! The newest additions to our family and tiny homestead! If you didn't think I was crazy yet, you are now! I am beyond excited for these hens to join our family, clear these bugs from my yard and gardens and of course, lay us some eggs!

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