Saturday, April 12, 2014

Call Me Crazy......

But I am doing it again!!
What is that, you ask? Oh, just another attempt at a birthday party for a little girl who deserves it more than anything!! You can't pass up this sweet face without feeling guilty that she was sick for her 1st Birthday and her party needed to be cancelled :(

It's the perfect excuse to throw an.......can you guess it???

Here is my super simple, last minute invitation. You can see her original invite here.
(I say last minute because we decided to do this party about 3 days ago.... I quit thinking and just did it!)
Using leftover card stock from her original invitation and some stamps I already had, I printed these out really quick, stamped them up and they are on their way to the mailbox this afternoon!

Nothing fancy, but just right!

We are hoping for some great weather to bring out all the fun kid stuff, have a BBQ and just enjoy a great day for a sweet little girl.

 If it rains, well so be it, I have a plan for that too!!
Now, it's time to get back to crafting... eh hem, I mean, um, cleaning.....


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