Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long Time No See!

Well, hello there blogging world! Long time no see seems fitting since I have been M.I.A for about 5 months now. Bad blogger! Bad! *slaps hand* Please forgive my absence and I will definitely try harder with my participation.... I know, I have said this before. At least I have somewhat of an "excuse" for the lack of my presences and let me explain to you.....


Yay, for baby #2.... booooo on the comatose morning sickness, a.k.a ALL day sickness, that lasted for 2 months or more. Whoever decided on the phrase "morning" sickness, clearly hasn't been pregnant. We are due on Valentine's Day with a healthy, sweet little girl and have yet to decide on a name. Who knew that it would be so much harder to come up with a name the second time around?? So, here she is, making her big debut:
Don't think I have been absent on my crafty-ness while being gone, I have just been absent from sharing. Again, bad me! My husbands cousin has welcomed her own little girl in to the world, and of course, my motto is that every baby needs a blanket! From me, obviously. Here is her one of a kind blanket that I have made for her:

I also am making a couple of onsie dresses to send to her. I got the tutorial from Jessica over at Running With Scissors. You can find her tutorial here. I will be sure to post those once I get them finished. Procrastinator, I know...

My cousin is also expecting her first baby boy in January and I have just completed her blanket for her new bundle. I absolutely LOVED making this blanket. Not only because it's special since it's for my only cousin who is like a sister to me, but because I tried something new with an old pattern and can't get over how well it turned out. I am thinking of possibly making another one to add to my future Etsy shop.

Next, would be a blanket I am making for the family Christmas party. They do a White Elephant gift exchange every year and last year I made a blanket that was a big hit. So, I decided to keep the tradition going and make another one this year. Different design, of course. Here is what I have started so far:

See, I have been busy! I also have a scoodie pattern in the works, as well as a quilt that was special ordered for a family friend. I can't share the details of the quilt just yet, as it is a Christmas present.

There you have it, all the things that have been in the works for the past few months. Hopefully, that makes up for the large amount of time that I have been absent ;)

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