Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remodel: Master Bathroom

Oh, how I have wanted NEEDED to re-do our master bathroom. I wish I could have taken a pre-tear down pic, but the husband just went at it one day and took everything out. (yay!!!) Especially, that pink toilet! Good riddance! Pink is definitely NOT my color of choice for a toilet.

We are getting ready to paint and hopefully do the floor this weekend, so I thought I would share how far we have the husband has gotten and just what my mind has envisioned for it.

Yes, the bathroom is more like a nook, but it's going to be the cutest nook! Notice all the drywall work he had to do? All for my pretty pedestal sink! Eeeek! And I have big plans for the super old medicine cabinet we took out.

We have lived in our house for 2 years and have yet to use this shower. Everything about the master bathroom screamed 1964 (the year our house was built), it was old and needed a good makeover. I am SO excited to be able to use this entire bathroom and actually enjoy the space that we are creating for us. Especially since the next upgrade is going to be our bedroom. We have all the pieces to make our new space, I just wanted to wait for the dirty work of the bathroom to be finished before I put out all our new pretties ;)

Oh, and what's that hand-sewn shower curtain you are asking about? Well, here is a sneak peak of what I have so far. You may remember me blogging about here, which also has a link to the pattern that I am using for reference. The husband helped pick colors and which design I should use. I really thought he was getting in to it until I showed him a pillow cover I made out of fabric he picked and he asked me where I got it from?? Really?? Oh well, I am still going to ask his opinion because even if it is just an "in the moment" decision and he never thinks about it again, he makes some good choices and eases my mind that is always questioning itself. Any who.... enough rambling...

All cut and ready to sew together...... so I thought :/

LouAnn the helper.......

Annnnnd..... I need more rectangles.......

Good thing I usually get extra fabric! Just for these occasions! Unfortunately, I have to get the green and the orange, I didn't buy enough of those. Sad day :( I like how it is coming together though! I think my favorite is the 70's yellow. I know what most of you are thinking, it's an ugly color, but I will admit that I LOVE it! It has an old feel and reminds me of the wallpaper my grandmother use to have in her kitchen. The pea green, mustard and rust mushrooms.....oh I know you know what I am talking about! Stay tuned for an update on the shower curtain's progress and a post on my new pillow covers!

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