Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pillow Makeover

I've been going back and forth with many projects lately, one being a tutorial for an 'envelope pillow case cover' from Rae Gun Ramblings.
This tutorial is easy to follow and even easier to create! I was more than happy with the end result and even more excited to create MANY different kinds/designs of pillow covers.

See how the pillow on the right blends in to the couch? Not to mention, the design is just not my style..... But, how about the pillow on the left?? Would you believe one of those "not so cute" pillows is stuffed in there??

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Who knew that a simple cover could change the dullest pillow into the most inviting pillow you have ever seen. I will be honest, myself and this new pillow have been having our own love affair on the couch since I made it...... I can't get over how well it works with the colors of the couch and the living room. Now, to make 2 more for this couch! Keep an eye out for pillow covers!!

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