Wednesday, March 14, 2012

National Craft Month: Projects In Progress

I've been working on MULTIPLE projects the past couple of weeks. One being our master bathroom! Hooray! Here are links to some of the things that I have been working on, in case you feel like giving it a try too! I am sure you have seen them around on craftgawker or Pinterest if you are a daily browser like me :)
NOTE: Click on image OR the link above the image for the source of all these amazing creations!

When I first spotted this crafty idea, I immediately said "oh this is easy, I can do that!" It's easy, until you start to over-obsess about the perfection of the rosettes..... That was my problem and I had to keep am reassuring myself that "it doesn't NEED to be perfect." Amy created an excellent tutorial and a VERY helpful video to go along with it!
Below, is my results of her tutorial and my rosette skills. I think my rosettes are smaller and more squished than Amy's, but I am liking how it is turning out. I am also using a light blue crepe paper to add it as a decorative piece for our new bathroom!

The beginning.........

Half-way through and not too shabby, if I say so myself......
 Makes you want to try it, doesn't it?

I absolutely CANNOT wait to try this out! I have written down all the instructions and know just the pillows that need a good cover. This tutorial is seriously the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making pillow cases. Once I figured out how simple this project really was, SOOOOO many ideas came into my mind. The case is just the beginning, you can add embellishments, appliques, fabric rosettes, or even use some freezer paper to create a stencil and paint on your design with fabric paint...... Like I said, SOOOOO many ideas!

Designed by Amy Smith of Diary Of A Quilter

Tell me you don't love this? I sure do! When I couldn't find any shower curtains for our shower stall that really called to me, I decided that I was crafty enough to try sewing a quilt-like one of my own. This could end up being a complete fail, but I am keeping faith! Anywho.... I went on a Google mission for easy quilt patterns and this one was the winner.
I am using different fabric choices than the ones above, except I am keeping the white squares. I also plan on adjusting the width and most likely the length to accommodate my need for it to be a shower curtain. I'll keep you posted!
P.S. Moda Bake Shop is a GREAT website to check out, if you already haven't, for fabric and patterns!

You're running to get your hook and yarn aren't you? I don't think I have used "love" (or air quotes) enough in this post, so here it is one more time.... I LOVE this pattern from Sarah London! There are two patterns, square and oblong. This is a great way to use up scraps, but also a great reason to get more yarn if you are set on a color scheme. I am doing a rainbow-ish blanket to brighten up the couch in the library/second living room.
SIDE NOTE: Sarah's instructions are in UK terms. If you use US terms, make sure you translate her instructions before you get started. 


I am only partially done with it (maybe halfway?), and get excited with each new color I add. Would you believe that I already had every single one of those colors? I think it will be a perfect addition, especially with spring around the corner!

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