Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crochet: Marianne's Granny Stripes

It's been awhile, I know. But, you just might forgive me after I share this bit of crochet with you.

It's a Granny!

I started this throw/blanket around the end of December and JUST now finished it...edging and all. Keep in mind, I get side-tracked often and tend to wander off to other projects. You know how it is, you find that mind-blowing idea and have to try it, RIGHT NOW!
Anyways, I made this specifically for a special person in my little family's life, she is my uncles mother-in-law, Marianne. She is an all around great person to be around and we love her dearly. I've always wanted to do something nice for her and for some reason, when I found a Granny Stripe tutorial from Lucy at Attic 24, it screamed for me to make it just for Marianne. I absolutely LOVE the colors in Lucy's blanket and am definitely putting it on my "Must Do For Self" project list. I think the earth tones are nice too though :)

Sooooooo many stripes! I think I counted 90?

Love this picture!
 For the edging of the blanket, I did a round of granny (same as Lucy), a round of single crochet (white), a round of half-double crochet (blue), and finished it off with a round of double crochet through the BACK LOOPS ONLY (brown). Easy-peasy...due to my attempt at a scallop edge failing.

Yay for another project being completed! Now to get to those etsy openers..........................

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