Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Special Olympics 2012

As you recall, in my 'Getting Involved!!' post, I started working on scarves for the Washington State Special Olympics 2012 program. Well, with the holidays and our wedding out of the way, I have FINALLY finished both scarves and am ready to share them with you!

I took the opportunity to try new patterns and enjoyed making both of them! The yarn I used for both was the required Red Heart Super Saver Soft Navy & Cherry Red. For the scarf below, I chose the 'Brilliant Ripple Scarf' pattern from Lion Brand. However, as usual, I changed the pattern, I used a single strand and NOT double to create the 'tweed' effect as the pattern states.

The husband likes the ripples...........

For the second scarf, I chose the 'Be Proud Scarf' pattern from Red Heart. It was one of the four provided options for this year. However, I ended up having to shorten the amount of rows in the pattern due to my width getting close to the 6" max limit. 

 I like this one :)

I am sure these two happy scarves are going to find their way to an even happier home! While doing this project, I was inspired to keep the contributions/donations going and participate with as many organizations as I can. I am also creating a goal of doing at least double the amount of scarves for NEXT years Special Olympics!

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