Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting Involved!!

I am SUPER excited to announce that I am going to be participating in my FIRST donation/contribution program using my crochet skills!! When I first started crocheting, I browsed MANY yarn sites for pattern ideas, but I also came across a large amount of organizations that work with crocheters/knitters for contributions to their causes. I look forward to creating a personal goal of donating something to EVERY cause.

Sooooo, I guess you are wondering what is going to be first on my list? Well, I shall tell you! I picked the Special Olympics of Washington 2012.

Photo credit

Red Heart was always a brand of yarn that I remember seeing when I was younger, so naturally it was the yarn of choice I turned to when I first started learning to crochet. While browsing their site, I discovered they are a sponsor of the Special Olympics across the country and work with them to create scarves for all participants associated with the Special Olympics, whether it be an athlete, family member or volunteer. 

For more information on the Special Olympics and how to contribute, click on the photo credit link above!!

I am starting on my first scarf tonight to take a break from another project and shall keep you updated with my progress! 

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