Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Bee....

I feel like I am being a bad blogger with my weekly updates, but you would tire of me if I was around all the time, right?? Anywhooooo...... My excuse is that I have been a busy bee buzzing about from project to project. I just so happen to have photos as proof ;)

Soooo many motifs! But I am absolutely in LOVE with this African Flower pattern!
 This weekend brought about a baby shower for one of my two friends that are expecting this year! (Soooo excited!) A baby shower is apparently a GREAT reason to be creative! When I was pregnant, I adored those diaper cakes, but never got/made one. Well, that just means I must live through my friends!!

Not too bad, if I may say so myself! For the flowers, I found the tutorial through craftgawker and it linked me to Whimsical World of Laura Bird's blogspot. The tutorial for the paper flowers is here. I loved how they turned out and her directions were easy to follow. How about that bow? That was my first EVER attempt at making my own bow! I found the directions in Joanns while I was roaming around. You know, those little project idea sheets they have hanging off the shelves?? Anywhooo.....they have them online as well. Click HERE for the exact same directions online!
Now for the teeny tiny shoes. I LOVE them! I found the pattern through Ravelry and was linked to Crafty Witch's blogspot (all these new crafty blogs to follow!) and her pattern for these baby Mary Janes. I know, I know, Mary Janes aren't for boys.....but seriously, I don't think it looks girly! Do you??

And let's not let that diaper box go to waste! I came up with this idea at the last minute, so I think I could do better, but for a trial run I think it's still cute :) I filled the buggy full of all the gifts!!

I also have to share my "parting"(?) "thank you for attending" gift! It was SUPER CUTE!!

A wee mitt? Seriously, who thought of that?! CUTE!!

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