Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adventures, Music, Food & Family All In One Weekend!

 Myself, and my little family, had quite an adventure this holiday weekend. Enjoy the ride!

Saturday 7/2/2011

It started with a friend and I heading south to the Portland, Oregon area where we explored the land, tasted the food, drank the brew, lathered in the sun and scenery and listened to some amazing music from one of our favorite bands, Modest Mouse!
Our first stop was to find Voodoo Doughnuts! Once that was accomplished, we sort of got sidetracked.....with the Saturday Market! SCORE! The market was HUGE and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the local art in every form. I failed to take pictures.... Bad me! After our leisurely stroll through the market, we decided lunch was in order before we stood in line at Voodoo (these lines are loooong) and ate at a pub down the block. I had the sandwich (hence the picture) and it was delicious!

Now for the line.....it was long, hot and entertaining to say the least! (Many interesting characters roam the streets of Portland I shall say!) After about 45 minutes in line, we had some choices to make. All yummy and visually stunning!

An inventive way to stay cool while in line!

Our next stop was at Powell's Books. One word for this place: OVERWHELMING! If you ever need a place to get lost in for a few days, this is where you need to be! I am definitely going to have to come back on a day where I don't have anything else to do. In the mean time, I got a couple stickers :) I LOVE STICKERS!!

Photo Credit

Note: The bottom sticker is from Voodoo, in case you didn't catch that ;)

Finally, we were off to Troutdale (down the freeway about 15 minutes) to McMenamins Edgefield 100th Birthday Celebration. If you have never been to McMenamins, I recommend going. There is a brewery, winery, spa, art at every turn and a beautiful garden. There was even a family with their own little glass blowing hut and a cute little pottery cottage. While taking in the scenery before the show, we explored the garden and tasted a "Ruby", a delicious concoction of hops and berries. Another YUMMY for the day!

Drinking my Ruby!

I should have taken more pictures, hopefully you get the point of how beautiful it is here!!

And now......*drum roll please*........TIME FOR SOME MUSIC!

Isaac Brock is AMAZING!

Along with the entire Modest Mouse crew!

Sunday 7/3/2011

This was the day of rest and a BBQ with some old and new friends. Not to mention, Carson got to get up close and personal with a cow and a horse! Couldn't get him away from them!

 ~*~ Independence Day ~*~

Independence Day was spent with family. Pretty self explanatory there :) But here are some cute pictures of some great fun....for the most part ;)

Stomping on some Pop-Its!

Conquering our fear of the sprinkler.......not by choice :)

Don't mind my finger in the shot.....that's my photography at its best!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day!! <3

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