Sunday, March 9, 2014

Where Does The Time Go?

I ask myself this question often.......

Since my last post, I've started/finished many more creations, dealt with sick kids that had a nasty stomach virus that was going around, *while* I had a mild version of it as well, AND my sweet daughter turned 1. Unfortunately, due to her being sick, her party was canceled and her big day was spent being miserable. If that wasn't enough, once she started feeling better from the stomach virus, she got hit with trying to cut 4 teeth. I couldn't believe it. Thankfully, it's over, she's back to normal and I have been able to pull out my projects now that all the germs are away.

Without any further a-do... Here's what I've been up too:

Adding another Pineapple Doily for the shop, making that 2 in stock!
Lavender/purple crocus doily in the pinning process.....
and nicely laid out on the coffee table! Just in time for adding the spring touch!
With all the cold, rainy weather (Hello, Washington!) and little C growing like a weed, I made her a bow scarf and a flutter vest! You can find the crochet pattern for the Bow Scarf by Chucks for Chancho here; and the pattern for the Flutter Sleeve Vest by Yarnspirations, here. I altered both patterns slightly....for the bow scarf, I used worsted weight yarn with a 'J' hook and for the Flutter Sleeve Vest, I used Vickie Howell's Sheep(ish) yarn with an 'I' hook. She absolutely LOVES wearing it, which surprised me because usually I can't get her to wear hats and things. Either way, they are both perfect additions to this little girls wardrobe!

Since I had so many people loving little C's Bow Scarf on Facebook, I altered the pattern even further to create an adult version! I think they turned out amazing and they are oh so cozy!!

Also, a granny square baby blanket in blues and gray, rightfully named "Little Boy Blue." Not completely finished yet, but I am loving how it is coming together.
Last, but not least, a fox basket! Totally my new favorite!! Won't you agree??
Loooooove it!!
Not too bad, if I say so myself. I've said it many times, I am on a mission and even though it feels like I am sooooooo far behind, making posts like these remind that I am still working hard for what I want to do.

~*~ All good things come in due time. ~*~


  1. Hello, I found your blog through Little Things and love your creations. Especially the crochet since my heart belongs to all things yarny. I invite you to stop by my blog and join my link party. I enjoy making new blog friends. :) Hope to see you at