Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sew Thankful For Spring!!

As most of us in the crafty world know, March is National Craft Month!! 

I have been spending *way* too much of March playing catch-up and finishing items for the Etsy shop. It's time to put the hook and yarn down (I know, this is unheard of and you know I will be secretly picking it up  when I can...), and open up this brand spankin' new sewing machine that I got for Christmas.
Yes, you read that correctly....I received a new sewing machine for Christmas and have yet to use it. Any sewer would be appalled to read that. Please forgive.
My intent was there, really..... 

Isn't she lovely??

This is her first, I literally just took it out of the box to take it. Upon checking it out, I spied the secret compartment and found a bag full of WAY more goodies than I was expecting!

Look at all those feet! And needles!! I feel super novice right now, it's not even funny. Can we say, 'time to study'? The double needle depresses me because I ordered one about a month before Christmas :/ Meh, now I have two!! And this may be the dumbest question right now, but what is an organ needle for??

Clearly, fancier than what I was working with! 
I will forever love this machine, though. It's probably ancient looking to most of you, but its 'simplicity' and faithfulness to me means it's staying until it's last leg. 

Now, to test out my new, beautiful machine with all her buttons, and to clear the rust from my sewing memory, I've picked out these simple projects from my 'Sew Lovely' Pinterest board. 
** As always, click on the title of the project to link to the original pattern and tutorial!! **

Plush Alphabet by Holly from 'Chez Beeper Bebe'
I am debating on making this a magnetic play item or just leave it plush for now??
image: Chez Beeper Bebe
Bean Bags, again by Holly from 'Chez Beeper Bebe'
image: Chez Beeper Bebe
Who doesn't love bean bags and why have I not thought to make these sooner??? How amazing is this going to be?? Can you tell I am excited? I want to make numbers for Big C so we can work on our math and counting & do colors/shapes for Little C. You want to make them now, don't you?

Fabric Scraps & Wipe Container by Kim from 'A Spotted Pony'
image: A Spotted Pony

I already know that Little C is going to have the time of her life with this! She pulls the wipes out *all* the time!! I have been meaning to make this for her for awhile and use all these fancy stitches I have on the new machine. Not to mention, I have more fabric scraps than I know what to do with.

Finally, I spotted these hooded towel tutorials quite a few months ago and will most likely use the old sewing machine for this one since the towels have so much fluff.... but who wouldn't want to make these?? I am going to start with the butterfly one for Little C and the shark one for Big C, adding my own touches, of course :)
image: Crazy Little Projects
image: Crazy Little Projects

You can find these and MANY, MANY, MANY more hooded towel tutorials by Amber (we share the same name, that's how you know she is awesome!) at her blog, Crazy Little Projects

Stay tuned for the finished products!! I have been itching to get started ALL night!!

~~*~~ HAPPY SPRING ~~*~~

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