Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vinyl Smells Goooood.....

I LOVE the smell of vintage/old/classic and VINYL. I'm sure it's a scent full of all sorts of bacteria, allergens, toxins etc....but I DON'T CARE!! I LOVE IT!! What I love more is getting 12 vinyls for $1! I went garage/estate sale browsing with a friend this past weekend and got some pretty good deals!
12 vinyls, of my choice, for $1...clearly some are missing out of the picture, but they were just some Beethoven and Tchaikovsky (you like how I worded it to make them seem not so important??)
I have to admit I was pretty surprised the guy was selling them for that price. Out of curiosity, when I got home I decided to see what eBay was selling these for. Would you believe David Bowie's rendition of "Peter and The Wolf" is going for $30?!?! How about that "My Fair Lady"?? Would you believe that it's the original soundtrack with Audrey Hepburn on it? I couldn't!! I definitely don't plan on selling these ANY time soon, but I am just excited to have some Skynyrd, Bowie, Elton and Marley ALL on vinyl! Now for a record player........

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