Thursday, June 23, 2011

Learning Punch Needle

Why I was intimidated with the art of Punch Needle, I will never know. Despite my fears and continually putting it off, I finally purchased a punch needle (Joanns for $2.99) and a punch needle kit by Dimensions (again, Joanns for $4.99 with my handy coupon). The kit contained everything I needed, minus the punch needle and the embroidery ring. I have to admit that when I started, I was CLEARLY not a professional!
See the fluffy parts on the left?? Yea ......that's where I started ;) Like I said, NOT a professional. In the end, once I got the groove of "punching" the canvas, it was SUPER easy!


Not too bad for my first attempt, if I may say so myself. It didn't take long for me to start creating my own punch needle designs in my head while I was working. I recommend a punch needle kit if you are just starting out, but after that, the possibilities are endless. Canvas, embroidery ring & thread, a pattern and a punch needle. Done and done. Now go punch some canvas!

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