Thursday, June 2, 2011

My First Post!!

Well, Hello! and welcome to my first blog post! I have enjoyed hopping around from crafty blog to crafty blog for about a month now, finding SO many wonderful ideas, and have finally gained the confidence to try one on my own (with a little push and support from my love). So here goes nothing!!

I have recently fell in love with crocheting and have learned the majority of the stitches (not to mention the array of projects that are sprawled around our house)! Thank you, YouTube! Falling into my crochet addiction opened so many creative doors in my mind that I was almost overwhelmed at first. I figured, I taught myself to crochet, I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! I was taking my weekly stroll through the craft store a few months ago, I decided I wasn't going to limit myself and came across a latch hook rug that appealed to me. Please keep in mind, I attempted latch hook in Middle School, with a depressing result. This result, not depressing!!! Yay for a new rug!! Check it out for yourself

Not too bad huh??

Must give credit to the creators of the box it all came in, little yarn pieces, canvas, pattern and all!! Thank you, M.C.G. Textiles!!
Now that I have finished my rug, expected less time comsuming projects to be posted!!
Thanks for reading!!

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