Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Beginnings of Another Chart Translation.....

You've read that correctly, I am doing it again!
I don't know if it was all the coffee, the long day that turned into a long night of finishing a crochet piece, or Pinterest; but either way, I found another chart that I felt compelled to translate and create.
It's a baby blanket!! And it's adorable!!
The breakdown, write up, and creating process has already begun.....
This one is testing my knowledge, that's for sure. *SO* glad to have all the reference books I collected over the years of estate sales and thrift shopping. Everyone does symbols differently and this one has a few tricky ones.

First, I stared at the pictures for counting rows and starting chains.
Then, I stared at it trying to figure out how the double row of ruffles was going to work itself out.
Finally, it was the flowers....
I am all geared up to get this started, so wish me luck! I think I may need it......
Please note: This pattern is NOT my own. Click on links provided for the original site that this pattern was found on.

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