Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mario Themed Crochet Pixel Blanket - Part 1

"It's a-me, Mario!"
My little muse came up with another great idea that had my gears turning in no time!!
What would I do without this guy??
He always has a way of coming up with ideas that keep me busy creating for days.....
His latest plan involves Mario and me making it in to a blanket.
My first thought was, "graph patterns to the rescue!!" So, I went on a mission via Pinterest and found some that I could work with.
Next, I searched for a mini square pattern to determine each square's size and eventually how large each graph would be.
I knew for this pixel blanket, I wanted a closed square. Unlike the granny squares I made for Little C's butterfly baby blanket.
I ended up using a 2" square from Elisabeth Andree of About Crochet.
(Pattern found HERE!)
The smaller square allows me to use 9 - 16x16 graphs in the blanket's finally design; or 3 stacks of 3.
Do you like how all the numbers are starting to come out??
My *favorite* subject EVER! (enter sarcasm here)
My final measurements of the blanket will be approximately 108" x 108", including a border.
That's the same as a King sized blanket!!

Each block/graph has 256 squares total and with 9 blocks, that's 2,304 squares *all* together......

Needless to say, I don't see this blanket being finished any time soon..... Maybe by Christmas??

I suppose I could make the blanket smaller, but why not go big, right??
The final choice of each character block was Big C's, with a little persuasion from me whenever we needed to mix up the colors.
There are 17 colors being used.... and let me tell you people, this is where yarn hoarding comes in handy!! Be sure to explain this to your significant others the next time they complain about you sneaking in a few more skeins ;)
I will do my best to update as I crochet along, until then, stop by Graph Patterns board on Pinterest and start getting some pixel blanket ideas of your own!

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