Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Adding Bugs To Science

While browsing Etsy, many moons ago, I ran in to this great little shop called 

Obviously, I immediately fell in love with the butterflies! In fact, the first item I 'favorited' was the large butterfly terrarium for weddings. There are so many different species, colors and beauty in just the butterflies alone!

BUT, that's not why we are here! No, no! We are here to share our first purchase. One of many to come since it was such a big hit. 

Are you ready??? It may be scary.......

The Horned Beetle!

The Horned Beetle was my first pick as a Christmas present, inspired by one of our favorite movies, 'A Bug's Life.'

Big C LOVES him! Telling me, and anyone who will listen, everything he learned about this guy from the included information pamphlet. 

I have to say, I learned a few things too....

My favorite part, besides the learning, was how he arrived to us. All packaged neatly with his little attachments and decorations.

It was *lots* of fun creating his home for him.

And now he sleeps with Big C, in the corner of his bed, always in a cool dark place ;)

We have already gone through The Amateur Naturalist site together and picked out our next bug!!

I definitely recommend these terrariums for any nature enthusiast, someone who likes bugs, for learning at home, or just because it's pretty cool to have bugs!

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