Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Been Awhile.....

.....which means I have been busy :) In between preparing for a baby shower this weekend at my house, wedding preparations and being a Mommy, I've been having a little fun too! So here are a few pictures of the adventure as well as some wedding ideas that I have been playing with!

The weekend was full of football, garage sales and a frog!!

Seattle vs. Vikings (Vikings won, yay! Please note: We are obviously not a local team family. Him: Vikings Me: Jaguars)

As for that garage sale that I got up the next morning for.......yea.....not so much! Besides hanging out in the sun with good friends and family, there wasn't much business to talk about. I blame the numerous amounts of other garage sales going on in the neighborhood! Hopefully this weekend will show some success :)

Now for that frog! I have heard frogs/bullfrogs in the yard, but I have never seen any. Snakes, yes. Deer, yes. Bunnies, yes...... My little guy found him in the back yard while Daddy caught him and showed me. "Frog" was definitely the new word of the weekend!!!

Isn't it cute?!?!?

Ok, so for the fun part.....WEDDING!!!! Here are some ideas that I think I am definitely going to use, just changing each one a little bit to add my own touch to it!

click on image for source
I love the idea of using burlap! It's perfect for a fall/country wedding and somewhat fitting for me! I have a tendency to re-use the burlap rice bags from Costco as a purse ;) What? It's cute!

click on image for source
For the napkin rings, I would change the blue to either an orange or a red and I think the idea in general is SUPER cute! Again, fitting for the fall wedding!

click on image for source
I am overjoyed to find a productive use for our rusty wheelbarrow that came with the house, not that it doesn't work or anything, but let's all admit it, this is a pretty awesome idea for all the wine!

Last, but definitely not least, we have our table toppers! The soon-to-be husband likes it, I like it and think it works well with the theme......let's just hope I still like it after I make a handful or more of them!

I am truly excited (and just as stressed, in a good way) to actually be making the majority of the decorations for our wedding.... AND I am even MORE excited that the future husband is participating! I really did NOT expected that one, so I am going to soak it all up while I can.

Stay tuned for center-pieces and invitation options!

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