Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garage Sales!!

I LOVE garage sale finds!! I wish we could have ran into an estate sale or two, but I'm not complaining! I absolutely love everything I got and barely spent any money!

$3.00!! Can you believe it?? I am so excited to see what I can do with this piece!!

$7.00 and the chance to create my own lantern! Tutorial to follow...keep an eye out!

The deal of the day.... Are you ready for it?? 10 cents! I forgot to take a picture before I spray painted it, but you get the idea.... it's naked and waiting for some creativity to grace it!!

Pretty good deals huh?? Well, brace yourself because I got one more for you. The only catch is, that it didn't come from a garage sale. It actually came from a local store here in Olympia, WA named 'Antique Peddler's Mall' (sorry, no website). I could have gotten lost in this store for HOURS. This was my single find that caught my eye for the amount of money I had left in my pocket..........

Yay for unique and antique.....oh and $7.00!!

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