Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY:: Bean Bags

Time for another project from the sewing roundup I posted here!

Today, I am showing you how I created the bean bags!!

 For this tutorial, I am using the numbered bean bags that I made for Big C to work on his math. I have another set in the works for Little C and a separate, plain, set for a bean bag toss game (stay tuned for that post!).

With this post by Holly at Chez Beeper Bebe as my inspiration, I created these super fun bean bags with more of those pesky fabric scraps that I have lying around. The only change that I made was using freezer paper and fabric paint to paint on the numbers instead of sewing them as an applique. 

Here are the supplies I needed for this project:
  • Scrap fabric - patterned
  • Muslin
  • Freezer paper
  • Exacto knife (or scissors)
  • Fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • Stencils of choice (optional)
  • Beans!!!
  • Needle & thread

First, cut 10 - 4.5" squares from your patterned/solid fabric and 10 - 4.5" squares from your muslin.

Next, trace your stencil on to the freezer paper.

Using your exacto knife and/or scissors, cut out the stencil and iron it onto your muslin.

After cooling, put the squares on top of a piece of cardboard and paint each stencil with your fabric paint. I put about 2-3 small drops on each piece, then brushed them around.

* Add a second coat if needed. *

Once completely dry, remove the freezer paper.

Now, we are going to sew! :)
Place the patterned and muslin piece right sides together and pin in place.
Sew with 1/4" seam allowance around the square, leaving a small gap on one side for the beans.
Clip your corners.

NOTE: For my second batch of bean bags, I left my gap in the middle of one of the sides. This made it easier to flip and fill.

Flip right side out and push out your corners, making them pointy >
Next, fill with beans, making sure not to overfill. I used about 1/3 cup of beans for each bag.

Hand sew your little seam closed using either the whip-stitch method mentioned in Chez Beeper Bebe's tutorial, or whichever your preference is. I ended up using a ladder stitch to try and hide the seam better.

*There is a great example of the ladder stitch, along with many other stitches here!*

Aren't these fun? And who knew they would be so easy?!? Not only are they entertaining, they can be used for learning and I like learning. Especially when it is associated with play.

I am using these, Little C's bean bags and my next project, the hooded towels, for an Easter gift. It's a ways away, but I need to plan at least a month ahead in my crazy life for everything!!

Hope these bean bags inspire you to create some of your own and please share if you do!

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